Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan
Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan
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A Museum is a public space dedicated to

Tradition needs to be fed by contemporary creativity to stay alive; on the other hand, contemporary creativity loses part of its soul if it doesn’t keep some kind of connection with its roots. Moreover Museums are important repositories of knowledge : their role is nowadays changing dramatically in the light of technological and pedagogical innovations in the field of education. Museums might be the schools of the future.

We have established Two lifestyle museums located in villages in the Banswara district. The museums were established in collaboration with the villagers the contents of the museum relate to everyday life in the village, objects were donated by villagers. Thus we have sought to document and safeguard ancient traditions, techniques and knowledge, cherishing these histories to enrich the communities as they develop. The museums moves from its traditional somewhat obsolete mode and functions as a shared resource of objects such as traditional tools and domestic instruments which the villagers can access and use when they require them. The museum also provides documentation regarding traditional cultural activities specific to the region in order to encourage the continuation of these practices amidst the continual change provoked by development