Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan
Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan
Women Empowerment

 The majority of the poor people, especially women, have insecure livelihoods. The SGSY (Swarn Jaynti Gram Swarojgar Yojana) scheme is a governmental rural development program for skill and capacity building for deprived persons, operative from 1 April 1999. The self-help groups are the NGO’s biggest contribution to its program of rural development aid.

 The concept

The self-help groups operate as a holistic scheme covering all aspects of self-employment in rural areas. We operate mainly in the Anandipuri, Bagidora, Talwara and Garhi block of Banswara district. The scheme is funded by financial institutions, Panchatat Raj institions, district rural development agencies (DRDA) and NGO’s from the district. The list of below poverty line (BPL) households, identified through the BPL census, provides the basis of identification for assistance under the SGCY scheme.

The scheme aims at establishing a large number of micro enterprises in the area, so that the women can be incorporated into the development process by undertaking income generating activities suited to their skills and resources. Moreover, the SGSY’s objective is the organization and mutual support of the women in self-help groups and to provide training programs through seminars. Regular meetings guarantee the well-functioning of the group and work as a platform for problems. The long-term aim is to bring assisted families above the poverty line within three years through a combination of a bank loans and governmental subsidy. The role of BLVS is to provide the linkage with the banks, as well as administration and technological- infrastructural- assistance. Promoting women leadership and economic self-reliance in the villages are our main priorities. The members are encouraged to engage in saving schemes and credit projects which they themselves are able to administer and maintain. 

 Self-help groups under the SGSY scheme may consist of 10 to 20 persons belonging to BPL families. The group does not comprise more than one member of the same family. A person can not be a member of more than one group. A self-help group may be an informal group or registered under the Societies Act, State Co-operative Act or as a partnership firm.